Q: Is this event free?
A: 100% free!

Q: What kind of bike do I need?
A: This ride is for all bikes and all riding styles

Q: How many miles do you ride?
A: Our rides vary between 15-20 miles depending on the route

Q: Do you ride straight to Tijuana?
A: We have planned stops along the way, for drinks, water, and restroom breaks.

Q: Do I need a passport?
A: We do recommend passports, but people on our rides have crossed before without them.

Q: Around what time do we get to Tijuana?
A: We usually arrive to Tijuana around 6-7 PM

Q: How do we get back to San Diego?
A: We ride the trolley back to San Diego. The San Ysidro trolley station is located by the pedestrian border entrance. Tickets for the trolley can be purchased onsite.

Q: When does the last trolley for downtown San Diego leave?
A: The last trolley from San Ysidro station leaves at 12:58 AM for those who want to stay late. (We usually do.)
Here’s a link for the trolley schedule: San Diego trolley schedule

Q: Do we all return to San Diego as a group?
A: People form groups and leave at different times. Some people like to leave earlier, and some people like to stay late. We make an announcement anytime there’s a group leaving early so that everyone has someone to return with.

Q: What should I bring?
– Extra tube or two
– Cash for drinks and Tijuana
– Bike lock
– Bike lights
– Passport recommended
– Water